Coach Houses – some FAQs…

Coach Houses should be coming to Ottawa very soon, and this short post aims to bring you up-to-speed on these new property types.


Q: What is a coach house?

A: A small, detached dwelling located on an existing lot. The units will have to meed the Ontario Building Code, along with forthcoming City guidelines.

Q: How do they differ from garden suites, or “granny flats”?

A: Garden suites are temporary units, which are only permitted for a limited time. A coach house, on the other hand, has a permanent foundation.

Q: Why would a homeowner build one?

A: Coach houses offer an obvious incentive: a new revenue stream in the form of rent. However, this new type of property will also be great for elderly relatives who wish to stay close to family, or for younger family members taking their first step on the property ladder.

Q: Why would a tenant want to live in one?

A: Affordability and location are the two most attractive aspects of coach houses. They offer a more manageable alternative to larger properties, and mean that tenants are not forced to compromise on locations.

Q: What are the City’s guidelines/requirements?

A: These are still being drawn-up, however the coach houses – whether newly built or retrofits of existing structures – will have to meet the Ontario Building Code and a new set of guidelines specifically pertaining to coach homes. All services: water, sewer or septic, electric, and gas will be required.

One example of a lot that may be suitable for a coach house.

Q: On what types of lot can a coach house be built?

A: The City is currently considering various types of lot; please see our homepage for examples.

Q: What will a coach house look like?

A: It must be smaller and lower than the primary property, and must be in-keeping with the character. There are further rules requiring square footage and proportions; again, please refer to the homepage of this site for visuals guides.

Q: How can I get a coach house?

A: When the city releases standards and regulations, work can begin. The team here at Antilia Homes are excited to begin working on projects of all kinds, so please fill in our email subscription form below to stay updated.


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